Don Juan
Venue Lyceum Theatre
Address Cambridge St
Reviewer Thelma Good

This production was outstanding! Mats Ek directed a wonderful mixed cast of dancers and actors who took Moliere's Don Juan and made it both funny and moving to watch. Mikael Persbrandt, in the title role of Don Juan, sensuously moved through the production not only seducing the people on stage but all of us watching. Niklas Ek both dancer and actor (and the director's brother), in the role of Sganarelle, Don Juan's servant also gave us an engaging character who knew his Master too well. Vibrant playing by the whole cast with beautiful choreographed dances which moved the action on, showed again and again that this director who has brought us wonderful ballet can make plays extraordinary too. The play just zipped along and the audience returned eagerly to the second half wreathed in smiles, knowing we were in for more inventiveness than one usually encounters in a dozen top quality productions. A finger became a pistol, Donna Elvira, Don Juan's only true love experienced multiple orgasms in an office chair which whizzed her off to ecstasy and back for more. The best scene changes ever too, even they got applause and laughter. It was a blast! The whole of the stage was used and the audience too, for we became the statues in the Commander's Mausoleum in one scene. From the start we were in the play, the fourth wall was never there. We were not more spectators but at one with the actors. Delight is a strange thing to take away from a play which is about the destruction by a man of himself. It was true though to the nature of Don Juan, the man. He delighted and charmed those who met him so that we didn't want him to change or to lose his reckless nature. It was a great shame that this production was only here for three nights. I hope so much that you caught it.
Run ended too soon.